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vanishing world diversity

The first exhibit of The Vanishing World Diversity: Nature, Mankind and Culture took place at the Telefónica Centre in 2015. It showed the Earth in continous change, the incessant landscaping, the evolution of the various life forms, Mankind as a species and its intervention in the transformation of ecosystems – with, in its wake, terrible pollution and climate alterations.

The exhibition then travelled in 2016 to the House of Science in Logroño and afterwards to the CAYAC Centre for the Atapuerca Excavations in Burgos. Then, in 2017 and 2018 in the Science Museum of Valladolid and in the Royal Botany Gardens of Madrid. In 2021, the exhibit was held in the CIVICAN centre of the Caja Navarra Foundation in Pamplona.

In 2022, a new exhibition produced by The Vanishing World Diversity, this time focusing on the Oceans as an endangered ecosystem, was showed at the – Itsasmuseum Bilbao – Navigation Museum in Bilbao.

Life under seas is even more endangered tan on earth

Eduardo Aznar (okaimal) – Vanishing World Diversity

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